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Reisetbauer Gin in Barrel

Reisetbauer Gin in Barrel. A new offering. Blue Gin aged in Oak barrel.

Price: $98.00

Reisetbauer Sloeberry Gin

Reisetbauer Sloeberry Gin. Macerated Sloeberries in Premium Reisetbauer Blue Gin. A fabulous new type of gin tonic. Traditional Sloe gin has over 200 gr. of sugar per liter. This product has 6 grs. per liter, a completely different taste sensation. In very limited supply.

Price: $64.00

Reisetbauer, Whisky, 12 year

Reisetbauer, Whisky, 12 year, matured in Chardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese casks.

The bouquet has a rich herbal smokiness with the aroma of raspberry, cranberry, forest floor, hazelnuts, and one writer found pistachio baklava.

The palate you will find dried herbs, cranberry, fennel, and forest mushrooms.

An extraordinary taste delight and not to be missed.

This is a "bucket list" Whisky.

Price: $150.00

Pollerhof Apoll 2014

Pollerhof Apoll 2014

Price: $16.75

Reisetbauer, Hazelnut Eau de Vie

Hazelnut Eau de Vie

Price: $81.75

Mantlerhof, Rotor Veltliner Reisenthal 2012

Mantlerhof, Rotor Veltliner Reisenthal 2012

Price: $38.25

Speatrot Gebeshuber, Klassik Rot 2012

Speatrot Gebeshuber, Klassik Rot 2012

Price: $20.00

Hans Reisetbauer, Apple Cuvee, Brut

Hans Reisetbauer, Apple Cuvee Brut

Hans ahs done it again. Every time we think he ahs nothing more extraordinary to offer. another product shows up.

Now it is an apple sparkling wine, methode Champagnois. Who but Hans would do such a thing. Aged in the bottle three years before disgorge.

This is crisp, full of apple, as you would expect from Hans, and clean, dry, and a great finish.

Apple ahs never been so good.

Sparkling wine in a new direction.

Price: $49.50

Stefan Bauer Roter Veltliner Reserve 2011

Stefan Bauer Roter Veltliner Reserve 2011

Price: $50.00

Stefan Bauer Herbstfreude 2009

Stefan Bauer Herbstfreude 2009

50% Zweigelt and 50% Blauburger

Price: $25.75