Paul Dethune Brut Cuvee Ancienne 2011

Dethune Champagne, Cuvee Ancenne 2011
Grand Cru
Highest level of Dethune Champagnes. In my opinion, this is the greatest Champagne available at any price. If you think you have had great Champagne, this will be an eye opener to what great Champagne can really be.
EXTREAMLY limited availability.

A mature color (reflecting 6 years spent aging in the cellar) and a rich bouquet - powerful, complex, vivid with delicate aromas of honey, way, crystallized fruits, dried fruits. In the mouth, the richness of exceptional Champagne is confirmed by a wide variety of flavors in which the perfect blend of power (Pinot Noir) and finesse (Chardonnay) bestows a full flavor.

50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay.

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