Orlando Abrigo

The Langherepresent the close link between nature and the work of man. A splendid landscape of gentle hills disappearing far off into the mountains is completed by geometrically-patterned vineyards and enchanted castles.

Treiso, seven kilometres from Alba in the heart of this fertile land, is an old village standing at the meeting point of five hills.

Its name comes from the Latin word for three, "Tres", lying as it does in the vicinity of the third milestone from the original Roman town of Alba Pompeia.

The variety in the soil, formed by layers of more or less compact, brown-grey sand alternated with bluish-white calcareous marl, is what makes the wines grown on this land so unique.

The vineyards - facing due south - are tended with love, providing grapes of the highest quality that develop into wines with matchless properties.

The quality of the wines therefore depends on nature - the sun, climate and soil - but also on the way in which the vines are grown and tended. This is why in making its wines the Abrigo winery only uses grapes selected from its own estate.


Orlando Abrigo Nebbiolo Settevie 2009

Settevie - the meeting point of no fewer than seven roads - is the old name for the hamlet where the winery is located. The wine's style is contemporary: deep ruby red, with elegant aromas recalling raspberries when it is young, while after maturing in wood its bouquet becomes more balanced and refined. Opening recommended two to six years after the vintage, though it can be kept longer.

Price: $26.50