The village of Barolo lies in the centre of the Langhe, the most prestigious wine-growing area in Piedmont. Though its history dates back to even older times, the village's name first appeared in a document of 1200. It is surrounded by the magnificent, vine-covered hills where the great wine named after it is grown: Barolo.

Lodovico Borgogno's family lives and works here in Barolo, on their "Borgognot" estate. The family have owned vineyards in Barolo since as long ago as 1720, and have always attached particular importance to the work carried out in the vineyards themselves and the selection of only the best grapes. The passion for these hills has also "contaminated" Lodovico's daughter, Virna, who today works alongside her father in every step of the production, with a sole objective: to constantly uphold and enhance the quality of Barolo and their other wines by highlighting their innermost nuances to reveal the multitude of secrets contained in this unique land.


Virna Barolo Classico 2004

Virna Barolo Classico 2004

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