Domaine Pasquet, Coeur de Grande Champagne

Domaine Pasquet, Coeur de Grande Champagne

This small 7,5 hectares (18.5 acres) vineyard is nestled in the tiny township of Eraville in Grande Champagne.
The property has been producing cognac since 1730. The Family operation was passed on to Jean-Luc by his uncle Albert, who left Jean-Luc with eaux-de-vie dating back to the late 1800’s. Today, it is Jean-Luc's turn to transmit the family heritage and his own precious knowledge to his son, Jean.
In 1995, the Pasquet began cultivating their vineyard according to the principles of organic agriculture, meaning that no synthetic chemicals are used. Their philosophy is based on reinforcing the vine's natural defenses. The majority of the grapevines produce the Ugni Blanc grape, but several years ago, they planted Folle blanche vines, which were the varietal used before the phylloxera crises of the 19th century. Although difficult to grow, this varietal gives incomparably smooth and rich eaux-de-vie.

The nose is intensely fruity with white fruit (pear, grape) and notes of oak and overtones of citrus. A lively and persistent finish with flavors of grape and grapefruit.

Its refreshing and robust flavors of grape and grapefruit make this a spirited digestive.
For those who prefer: a lighter style cognac with lively fresh fruit complexity.

If you like Cognac, try one of these and you will see what a true artisan can do.

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