La Montata Bruni 54, 2013

La Montata Bruni 54, 2013

La Montata, Bruni 54, 2010, is a true field cross of Verdicchio and Sauvignon Blanc. The story we were told is that this was an idea of Professor Bruni of Padua University. He wanted a grape that produced a wine with the flavor profile of Verdicchio and the zing of Sauvignon Blanc. So in around 1936 he planted a large field with alternating grape vines of Verdicchio and Sauvignon Blanc. After several years, nature produced a new grape variety, named Bruni 54 at the University. Unfortunately, due to several obvious reasons, nothing was really done to "push" this grape varietal and it floundered for decades.

Several years ago, the varietal was re-discovered and a consulting wine maker, Giancarlo Soverchia, convinced four of his clients to plant the Bruni 54. This is the first release from the first producer.

We are excited to be the only importers of this grape and the wine is both fun and serious.

It is a fresh wine, with flavors of exotic fruit and floral notes reminiscing of Moscato, rich acidity and excellent structure.

Excellent food wine and can work well with all fish, pasta (red and white), and pizza. It works even
with lite meat dishes.

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