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Raison Personnelle 1.0 Cognac

Raison Personnelle 1.0 Cognac

Please read the amazing story! Only 96 bottles were imported into the U.S. and we are the importer and have all of them. I know of no Cognac that is more rear or more deserving of a good, appreciative home.

It was 1994 when Sabine and Bertrand de Witasse chose to leave their jobs in Paris to become Cognac producers. The motivation for the move? Personal reasons (or Raison personnelle in French) – or perhaps, as they say, a moment of temporary insanity…

Sabine and Bertrand are devoted to their work. When they first arrived in Cognac, they had much to learn: not only the different aspects of working the vineyard; winemaking, distillation and ageing, but also master the weather, treatments, diseases and soils. Not to mention the administrative side of the business. Today, they successfully operate a 50 acre vineyard in the heart of the prestigious Cognac area. They are the proud owners of two charentais copper stills, one of which dates back to 1935. They are one of the very last who distill Cognac over a wood fire. This gives their Cognac its rare singularity. Master distillers know how wood fire is hard to control, and are very impressed by the talent of Bertrand in mastering the technique. For the first time on April 2014, they bottled only one barrel. This batch is named Raison Personnelle 1.0. Consisting of 486 numbered bottles, this cognac is a blend of their finest
premier cru eaux-de-vie from the years 1996, 1998 and 2000, all aged in oak barrels.

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