Mariell, Zweigelt, Folligberg, 2013

Mariell, Zweigelt, Folligberg, 2013
Here is more information from Richard Mariell about Zweigelt Folligberg:

"Fölligberg" is an area on the Mount Föllig. Our vineyard is on the top of the hill.
Our "Zweigelt Fölligberg" is a singlevineyardwine and for this wine we selectet the best grapes.
The alcoholic fermentation for this wine is in stainless steeltanks between 3 to 4 weeks on the skins.
The maturation of the wine is 6 months in big oak (austrian oak) casks (1.000 l, 1.500 l or 2.000 l), 12 months in 500 l oak (french a. austrian oak) barrels and than for 6 months in the big oak casks.
The first filtration is 3 weeks before the botteling and than by the botteling, in the time before the filtration the wine is always on a little bit of yeasts.

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