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Welcome To Our New Web Site

Hello to our clients and friends. I was surprised to find out that people actually read my blogs (well, a few people, once in a while). So I will try to get into this more often, as we have some exciting and valuable news for our friends, and clients. You will notice I have left the "Philosophy" blog from last year in this page. I just re-read it and it still is a good overview of our business and personal beliefs for those of you who are new friends of Valley View.

First the good news, as we start the 12th year of business, we have nearly all of our original producers with the the best line up of wines representing their regions and grape varietals available.

We are excited to announce the addition of Rita and Rudolph Trossen, bio-dynamic producers from the Mosel area of Germany.. He was producing Bio-dynamic wines before it was considered acceptable. He has not been imported in to the U.S. before, and we are extremely

We lost two of our Champagne houses, one has retired and the other felt we were not "important" enough for his wines, and decided on a single New York importer. We wish both all the best, and good luck.

Watch our blog on Champagne, on this buying trip we will attempt to pick up at least two more Champagne houses this year. The first announcements will be here on these blogs in a few weeks.

We have already added one new Champagne house from the La Cote des Bars region. Remey Missen and the initial reception has been exceptionally good. These are dry Champagnes with sufficient acid to stand up to most foods including Roast and grilled meats, and will age very well fro 5 to 10 years. This Champagne is a remarkable addition to our list.

In my last blog, I mentioned that because the demand for Chantel Les Cure Burgundy has been so high that we were brining in a new, very small house that would be a sensation. The wines of Agnes Paquet are in and they are very special. Outstanding whites and reds that have the terrior and body of a great Burgundy and are approachable now and will age well for several years. We were so impressed with her wines that we imported her prior to visiting (unheard of for us). We will be visiting her in a few days, so stay tuned for more detailed information.

As I write this, we have arrived in Italy. We ah e taken three days off in Fano to get over jet lag, and will move on to our Marche producers next. We will have much to say about all of our Italian producers and their offerings. Stay Tuned.