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OK, I Have A Stable Internet, Let's Proceed

Italy First Visit this year and Tasting.

We had the opportunity to try wines with a bit of cellar on them, and I always wonder why these wines are consumed so young. I do not think the average restaurant understands the value of two or three years in the bottle, making the midrange wines go from very good to great. It seems everyone wants the “current release”, it is a shame. If you are interested in getting wines in their prime and not in their raw, too young stage, let us know. We can help.

Welcome To Our New Web Site

Hello to our clients and friends. I was surprised to find out that people actually read my blogs (well, a few people, once in a while). So I will try to get into this more often, as we have some exciting and valuable news for our friends, and clients. You will notice I have left the "Philosophy" blog from last year in this page. I just re-read it and it still is a good overview of our business and personal beliefs for those of you who are new friends of Valley View.

General Philosophy and Comments on our Buying Trip Blogs

What is to follow is meant to be a way for our friends, clients and people who are interested in wine to understand a little about our philosophy that wine is about food (most of the time), and the philosophy of our producers about growing and producing wine. That sounds a bit ponderous, it is not meant to. Wine is to be enjoyed, not to be debated to death. Wine is a very personal experience; each of us has their own palate and will not like the same wines as another person (including very famous experts). Your palate will change as you experience more wine; this is a good thing.