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Paul Dethune, Brut, NV, Jeroboam, 3 liters

Paul Dethune, Brut, NV, Jeroboam, 3 liters

Price: $247.50

Paul Dethune, Brut, NV, Magnum

Paul Dethune, Brut, NV, Magnum

Price: $114.00

Emidio Pepe, Montepulciano, 1994

Emidio Pepe, Montepulciano, 1994

Price: $195.00

MB Cognac, Cognac XO Prestige

MB Cognac, Cognac XO Prestige

15 year from Grande Champagne.

Three generations of Marcadier Barbot will greet you if you happen to come to Le Pible, just outside of Segonzac, capital of the Grande Champagne, first cru of Cognac.
Their cognacs, aged in oak barrels, are smooth and aromatic justifying this premier cru of Grande Champagne

Price: $145.00

Fevier Cognac, Cognac Reserve Familiale

Fevier Cognac, Cognac Reserve Familiale

25 year from Fins Bois Appellation.

This is true to the older Cognacs with rich, round dark-roasted flavors and sophisticated candied fruit sweetness.

Price: $225.00

Jean-Paul Grateaud, Cognac Essence des Borderies

Jean-Paul Grateaud, Cognac Essence des Bordeies

15 year old from appellation des Borderies

Situated in Cherac in the heart of the Borderies cru, the Grateaud family has been passing on the art of cognac-making from father to son for five generations.

The nose is subtle with evolved aromas of rancio, wood and violets. The palate attack is sweet and fruity, while the middle is marked by mellow alcohol, deep flavors and roundness. The finish delivers mild and pleasing tannins. This Cognac shows off the floral qualities of the Borderies cru.

Price: $175.00

Domaine Pasquet, Rare

Domaine Pasquet, Rare

This small 7,5 hectares (18.5 acres) vineyard is nestled in the tiny township of Eraville in Grande Champagne.
The property has been producing cognac since 1730. The Family operation was passed on to Jean-Luc by his uncle Albert, who left Jean-Luc with eaux-de-vie dating back to the late 1800’s. Today, it is Jean-Luc's turn to transmit the family heritage and his own precious knowledge to his son, Jean.
In 1995, the Pasquet began cultivating their vineyard according to the principles of organic agriculture, meaning that no synthetic chemicals are used. Their philosophy is based on reinforcing the vine's natural defenses. The majority of the grapevines produce the Ugni Blanc grape, but several years ago, they planted Folle blanche vines, which were the varietal used before the phylloxera crises of the 19th century. Although difficult to grow, this varietal gives incomparably smooth and rich eaux-de-vie.

Price: $325.00

Reisetbauer Apple in Oak Barrel Eau de Vie, Magnum

Reisetbauer Apple in Oak Barrel Eau de Vie.

Light aromas of biscuit, vanilla, candied orange peel (panettone); notes of stone-fruit peel on the palate, slightly sweet, cinnamony, great aging potential.

Price: $326.25

Reisetbauer Blue Gin, Magnum

Reisetbauer Blue Gin

Price: $137.25

Reisetbauer Whisky

Reisetbauer Whiskey, Single Malt Whisky 7 Years Old 43% vol.

“Fine and highly complex aroma, bright toasted fragrances reminiscent of hazelnut and dried herbs, pleasantly bready and grainy, discreetly smoky with fine spice, mature and yet full of vitality.”

Coming soon, the first 12-year-old single malt whisky from Austria
“This single malt whisky is convincing on the palate with wonderful notes of chocolate and coca and a very dense, fruity aroma of malt. Its maturation in Trockenbeerenauslese casks gives it a dry and sweet character with a slightly smoky note.”

Price: $110.25